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Re-discover Mediterrenean

Fresh Ingredients

Fresh ingredients are the cornerstone of every dish we prepare. We source from the highest quality partners that showcase the flavors of the middle east

Delicious Food

Our menu highlights exceptional flavors, healthy food and a memorable culinary experience with hand-made dough, homemade marinades, and hand-stretched cheeses

Scratch Production

We make everything from scratch, literally. With a No-Freezer policy, our labor of love will have you experiencing a powerful variety of flavors that contrasts and compliments each other in new ways.


About Manakish

Manakish Oven and Grill celebrate the history and the flavors of the Middle Eastern Mediterranean with a robust variety of spices, hand-marinated blends of meat and authentic hand-stretched cheese that is unique to the Eastern Mediterranean that represent the cultural roots of owners Adam Taleb and Feras Gaban

Owners Adam and Feras call themselves “serial entrepreneurs” and enjoy the challenge and energy business start-ups demand. They have successfully built several consulting businesses, and are excited to finally bring their shared passion for Eastern Mediterranean comfort food to their newest business venture, Manakish Oven and Grill. Manakish is the ultimate comfort food throughout the Middle East and is the best way Gaben and Taleb can bring their love for their roots to their home in the U.S.A

2905N Main Street,
Walnut Cree, CA 94597


Sun & Mon: 10:30 AM - 8 PM
Tue to Thu: 10:30 AM - 9 PM
Fri to Sat: 10:30 AM - 9:45 PM

2905N Main Street,
Walnut Cree, CA 94597


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